See what was discussed at the 2022 Spain Stata Conference.

Ensemble Learning Targeted Maximum Likelihood Estimation for Stata Users​

Miguel Angel Luque Fernandez (PhD), Matthew J. Smith (PhD), and Camille Maringe (PhD)

Medical Research Council, UK Inequalities in Cancer Outcomes Network London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine Department of Statistics and Operations Research, University of Granada
Implementation of different propensity score matching (PSM)​ methods using Stata

Laura del Campo Albendea 

Doctoranda en Epidemiologia y Salud Publica, UAM
Interactive Graphs with Stata

M. Escobar; C. Calvo

University of Salamanca
Computing Decomposable Multigroup Indices of Segregation

Daniel Guinea-Martin; Ricardo Mora

Department of Sociology, Universidad de Málaga
Department of Economics, Universidad Carlos III Madrid
mpitb: A toolbox for multidimensional poverty indices

Nicolai Suppa

Centre for Demographic Studies (CED), Bellaterra, Barcelona, Spain
Introduction to Bayesian VAR models in Stata

Gustavo Sánchez

StataCorp LLC
Board composition and airports' efficiency​

Ane Elixabete Ripoll-Zarragaa

Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

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