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Call for Presentations

We are delighted to be now accepting presentation submissions for the 14th Spanish Stata conference 2023.

Presentation Submissions

If you are interested in presenting a paper, please send an abstract (maximum 200 words) by email before July 28, 2023 to any of the scientific organizers.


The presentations must be related to the following topics:

• Programs developed by the user or his/her team.

• Research or teaching case studies using Stata

• Discussion on issues related to data management

• Review of analytical issues.

• Critiques or studies of Stata applications in specific fields.

The scientific committee will make a preliminary selection based on the abstracts submitted until July 28, 2023. If your paper is selected, you must submit the final version in PowerPoint or PDF to the scientific committee before October 2, 2023.


Presentations should be 10 or 20 minutes followed by 5 minutes of questions and answers.

The meeting will include, as usual, the "wishes and gumbles" session in which the participants will be able to give their opinion of the program to the Stata developers.

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